Chairperson’s message

Diane Proulx Guerrera
Chairperson of the Board

Chairperson’s  message

As chairperson of the board of the Miriam Foundation, I welcome you to our newly designed website.  I invite you to learn more about the organization by perusing the site and discovering the many initiatives that the Miriam Foundation has created and financed.

At the Miriam Foundation we know firsthand that a family caring for a person with a  developmental disability, autism spectrum disorder and/or a global developmental delay needs all the support it can get.  Resources must be available to help sustain them as they cope with the challenges and special needs of this individual on a daily basis.  The support must be available to the family throughout the formative years and into adulthood.

Parents are not looking for babysitting services, but for services that will help these children and adults develop as many skills as their limitations will allow so that they can go on to live useful and purposeful lives.   The Miriam Foundation is striving to provide these services.

Those members of our society with special needs are not responsible for their disability.  They all deserve respect and happiness just like the rest of us.  It is up to their families, communities as well as society at-large to ensure they receive what they are all entitled to through organizations like the Miriam Foundation. Society must be made aware that it is not only up to the disabled to learn how to integrate our world, but it is also up to society to facilitate their integration through caring and the understanding of their special needs.  They cannot speak for themselves if we will not listen.  They cannot assert their rights as equal citizens if we do not care.

Since 1970, the Miriam Foundation has been improving and enriching the lives of people with , intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, and/or global developmental delays.  It is an undeniable fact that the global needs of these individuals are increasing yearly.

In order to continue to meet such challenges and establish new standards of excellence, the Foundation has held many successful fundraising events this year to finance essential programs and services.  The success of these campaigns is largely due to the time, energy and financial support of our devoted volunteers.  We have a great need to increase this valuable force.  You can help.  Get involved by participating in an event, supporting our annual campaign and/or joining a committee.

As President of the Miriam Foundation, I ask you to continue to assist those who need our support.  Join our team and raise the bar to improve the quality and effectiveness of our Foundation’s and our volunteers’ fundraisers.  Help us give a voice to these silent members of our society.

Diane Proulx Guerrera