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Junior Intervention Therapist -


The Junior Behavioral instructor implements learning strategies based on the specific model of the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) or ESDM (Early Start Denver Model) program, according to each child's intervention plan. As part of his or her duties, the junior professional participates in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team in the initial and complementary evaluation. More specifically, he or she helps implement intervention strategies for behavioural disorders and supports the generalization of learning.           


Specialized behavioral and/or developmental approaches   

  • Learn and apply the objectives of the curriculum
  • Use ABA and ESDM principles to apply to each child's individual programs.
  • Implement learning strategies based on each child's intervention plans.
  • Assessing the child upon arrival according to the evaluation grids (ESDM and VB-Mapp curriculum).
  • Collect and analyze on a regular basis the data needed to measure each child's progress
  • Maintain an organized environment for interventions, including room organization, storage of materials and child information
  • Manage observed behavioural problems according to ABA techniques and the recommendations of the clinical supervisor
  • Ensure that the sessions are enjoyable, motivating, welcoming, and engaging for the child

Involvement in the Program         

  • Participate in team meetings, trainings and workshops
  • Collaborate with all members of the interdisciplinary team (speech therapist, psychomotor therapist, BCBA)
  • Participate in the creation of program materials
  • Maintain professional relationships with all clients
  • Communicate with parents to provide feedback on the sessions
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of clients, potential clients and their families           

Qualifications and Skills    

  • Relevant experience working with young children with ASD as part of an ABA or ESDM program
  • Fluency in French and English
  • Organizational skills, priorities and autonomy
  • Good attitude to receive feedback and comments from the supervisor and to integrate them into practice
  • Be enthusiastic and enjoy playing with young children.
  • Demonstrates judgment, patience and empathy  


  • Employee or contractor
  • Full time or part time


Interested applicants should send their application to: hr[email protected]  

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