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Junior Instructor

Department: Intervention

Published: July 8, 2024
Located in: Miriam Intervention
Salaire:$ 19.85/ hour
Reference number: Junior-01

The junior instructor is responsible for providing service while implementing teaching strategies based on Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) and/or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles, as outlined in each child’s individualized intervention plan. The junior instructor works under the supervision of the supervision team.

Clinical Responsibilities

  • Learn ESDM and/or ABA intervention techniques.
  • Apply at all times the ABA and/or ESDM intervention techniques learned during interactions with clients.
  • Apply and measure the clients’ objectives during the intervention sessions, as well as during daily routines.
  • Manage difficult behaviours and/or implement the behavioural protocols established by the clinical supervisors.
  • Ensure that sessions are fun, motivating, exciting and adapted to children.
  • Demonstrate strong analytical skills, remain receptive to supervisor's comments and able to enforce all suggestions.

Ideal candidate          

  • A degree or training program related to intervention or in the process of completing it.
  • 1 year of relevant experience with people with intellectual disabilities or developmental delays.
  • Bilingual (in French and English) is an asset


  • Free supervision by qualified supervisors for BACB certifications (VB-ABA program)
  • Clinical supervision by ESDM certified professionals (ESDM program)
  • Ongoing training and supervision
  • Holidays/Vacations (8%)
  • Access to group insurance
  • Access to virtual health care and employees and family assistance program
  • On-site parking 

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