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Junior Instructor - French speakers needed for the ESDM program

Department: Intervention

Published: June 1, 2023
Located in: Miriam Intervention
Salaire:$ 19.85/ hour
Reference number: Junior-01

The junior instructor implements teaching strategies based on the principles of Early Start Denver Model, as outlined in each client's intervention plan. As part of his or her responsibilities, the instructor is responsible for the direct implementation of services to each of the client’s, under the close guidance of the supervision team. We are currently looking for francophones for the ESDM program. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Implement specialized behavioural and/or developmental approaches as outlined in each client’s intervention plan,
  • Learn and apply the elements of the ESDM program 
  • Use ESDM principles in all aspects of teaching and interaction
  • Implement teaching strategies as outlined in each client’s intervention plan with fidelity.
  • Collect and record data of daily progress for all client’s they work with
  • Maintain an organized environment for intervention, including room organization, storage of materials and data sheets
  • Manage problem behaviours (biting, pinching, etc.) according to the intervention plan, as well as under the guidance of the supervision team
  • Ensure that the sessions are fun, motivating, exciting, and engaging for the client
  • Respect the work environment and support colleagues when needed
  • Be prepared to conduct client’s session
  • Complete assessment with the supervision of the senior instructors or Clinical Team Leader
  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Successful applicants may be eligible for FREE supervision by qualified professionals for both ESDM and BACB certifications.

Communication and Coordination          

  • Maintain a professional standard of conduct
  • Collaborate with Seniors/Supervisors to promote program development, staff success and success of the centre
  • Collaborate in day-to-day planning (provide notice of unavailability)
  • Assist in preparation of program materials
  • Collaborate with interdisciplinary team (speech therapist, psychomotor therapist, BCBA)
  • Maintain strict professional relationship with all clients

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Demonstrate judgment, patience, and empathy
  • Show strong analytical skills, is receptive to feedback from supervisor and able to implement suggestions
  • Excellent interpersonal and relationship skills
  • Sense of organization and priorities
  • 1 – 5 years of experience with individuals with developmental delays and/or neurodevelopmental disorders, as part of an ABA or Special Education Diploma (DEC) program is an asset
  • Undergraduate degree is an asset
  • Bilingualism (French and English) is an asset
  • Complete a criminal record check
  • Have completed or will complete a workplace First Aid course   


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