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The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Canada continues to grow at a troubling rate. Today, one in 66 children are diagnosed.

Society and government are struggling to provide them with the support and intervention services they need. It can take up to two years for a diagnosis and another two years to have access to treatment in the public system. The public system cannot keep up with the demand, and Miriam Foundation is committed to filling the gap.

We continue to have a big impact in the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders and their families. The key is early intervention on a comprehensive scale, while at the same time providing clients with a continuum of services, from helping adults find employment to residential care.

These services are critical but can be prohibitively expensive.  We cannot do it without your help. Your gift will continue to support services, research and excellence that will improve the quality of life of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Your support has a bigger impact than you think.

General Donation
With growing needs and limited public resources, your support is essential in making the Miriam Foundation an impactful stakeholder in all spheres for people living with neurodevelopmental disorders. Promoting the well-being of our community by taking care of each individual through a customized approach is at the heart of our success. Help us keep moving forward by developing personalized strategies and expanding our residential, health, and leisure services.

Annual Appeal
The Miriam Foundation’s Annual Campaign is an integral component of its overall fundraising objectives. Annual gifts, given on a recurring monthly or annual basis, have a significant impact on a Foundation allowing for upward structuring as they continually build for the future.

Tribute Cards
Tribute Funds can receive donations on an ongoing basis in honour of a loved one, a significant milestone or even just because. These donations benefit the services that are offered by the Miriam Foundation.

Stock Transfers
You can donate shares of publicly listed companies to Miriam Foundation. This is a tax-efficient, simple way of donating. You will receive a tax receipt based on the closing market price of the shares on the day of your donation, and you will not pay any capital gains tax.

For information on how to transfer stocks to Miriam Foundation, please call 514.345.1300 or e-mail [email protected].

Planned Giving
Estate: By remembering the Miriam Foundation in your Estate, your gift will continue to support services, research and excellence that will improve the quality of life of those living with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Life Insurance: Life Insurance is another way you can contribute to the Miriam Foundation. Life insurance can often be purchased at a low cost. When you make the Miriam Foundation the owner and beneficiary of your policy, your yearly premium is tax deductible.

Endowments: Endowment funds ensure the longevity of the Miriam Foundation, facilitate access to our assessment and specialized early intervention services while permanently funding our vital programs which are in critical demand due to the insufficient resources in the public health systems.

For your planned giving bestowment, please call 514.345.1300 and we will be happy to discuss all of the available options.


You will receive an official tax receipt for all donations of $15 or more.

The Miriam Foundation is a registered charity - Canadian charitable registration number RR0001889411773.

Donate Now