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Board of Directors

Leading the Better Service

The Miriam Foundation Board of Directors is a five-member executive team with thirteen Directors who, in collaboration, push the Foundation to reach new heights year after year. They make sure the focus and delivery of the Foundation’s priorities remain effective, current, sustainable, and executable. As community leaders, business executives, healthcare providers, and law professionals, our members and directors have a central role in bringing the Foundation and community together - volunteering their expertise and energy to ensure the success of our activities.

Meet Our Public Awareness Ambassadors

Chairman of the Board

Tony Meti

President & CEO

Warren Greenstone


Joël Paquin


Les Erdle


Robert Bohbot

Norman Bercovitch
Michel Bitar
Milan Bratin
Sylvie Coutu
Louise Fourès
JC Gravel
Louis Ludwick
Nancy Maklan
Jonathan Plourde
Vanessa Sicotte
Pierre-Étienne Simard
Jean-François Towner
Gregory Vainberg
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