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It Takes a Village… to Raise Awareness

Meet the Professionals Who Care Enough to Make a Difference

We have brought together a dedicated and passionate team of clinical experts and forward-looking managing directors in order to develop a strong, evidence-based approach to neurodevelopmental disorders.

Warren Greenstone, President & CEO

Germin Mansour, CFO & COO

Maydie Wolofsky, Associate Director

Sarah Pinchevsky, Project Coordinator

Michelle Malumbres, Accounting Assistant

Jasmine Kooner, Accounting Clerk

Sarah Lhynn Sevilla, Accounting Clerk

Lina Gharibah, Coordinator - EmploymentWorks

Nina Chepurniy, Coordinator - Adult Leisure Program 



Clinical Team

Meghan Turnbull, Clinical Manager - ABA/VB (Applied Behaviour Analysis/Verbal Behaviour)


Emma Veteau, Clinical Manager - ESDM (Early Start Denver Model)

Chloé Giroux, Clinical Team Leader – ESDM (Early Start Denver Model)

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