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Creative Arts

Miriam Foundation, through its partnership with the Bitton Family is pleased to announce the new, innovative Creative Arts program featuring: Art, Dance & Music.

Creative arts is common umbrella term used to define any form of artistic expression, but for Miriam Foundation’s newly created Access to the Arts program, the term creative arts will refer specifically to the mediums of Art, Music and Dance/Movement.

Creative arts are widely accepted as promoting emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being. It enables individuals to share aspects of their lives that words alone may be unable to capture and provide individuals who struggle to communicate verbally an alternative means of communication. It provides the opportunity to project emotions and experiences onto artistic mediums.

Creative arts processes engage a variety of mental capacities, such as perception (visual, audio, embodied), memory, organization, collaboration, and judgement. They also help the further development of physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, along with gross and fine motor control.

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