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ABA/VB - Early childhood to adolescents

The Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) format uses evidence-based strategies to teach new and adaptive skills and reduce challenging behaviours to increase a person’s quality of life.

Using verbal behavior and the principles of ABA they work on:

  • language and communication
  • reducing challenging behaviours
  • self-help skills
  • play and social skills
  • pre-academic and academic skills

The intervention objectives are implemented through structured teaching and naturalistic teaching strategies.  

Services are provided to individuals of all ages in French or English, at the centre or in the community e.g., daycare, school, or at home in a one-on-one format. Intensive (20+ hours/week) and non-intensive (8-16 hours/week) service options are available.

Support and coaching are provided to all families and stakeholders in your child’s life.

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